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Katriona Music is a pop music producer and songwriter, creating popular music for pop music artists and video production companies.

If you like making great pop songs, you will enjoy working with Katriona.

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Listen to examples of Katriona's music below, all produced by Katriona Music:


Song client

Saffire D'Soul, Singer Songwriter.

"Katriona is a reliable, creative and forward thinking artist/producer. Everything was above and beyond industry standard, from the production mix and master to the vocal engineering. Extremely impressive! From this track alone, I have gained more fans, followers and plays, so as you can imagine, there will be more collaborations in the future!"

Instrumental client

Andrew David, Video Director, Methodworks

"Katriona, I cannot believe how good your music is! I feel like it was meant for the "What To Wear" fashion TV series. It's just perfect! I think the music compliments the whole clip amazingly! I'm really, really pleased!"

Music Consultation Client

JC Cams, Music Artist

"Katriona Music, what you say really helps me a lot with my sales and business skills, which greatly improves my career prospects. Plus I love your energy, it's infectious!"

Song Client

Kyra Roxanne, Singer Songwriter

"Working with Katriona has increased my skill set. Katriona opened me up to different vocal styles I didn't know I was capable of. One of the songs she produced for me, Daydreaming, was voted number 1 in a musicians chart. Another song she produced for me, Seratonin, is still to this day one of my strongest songs."

Instrumental Client

Wanja Knighton,
Fashion Vlogger

"Katriona has this brilliant knack of giving you exactly what you need but not thought of. Her composition for What to Wear webisodes simply enhances the fashion story I am trying to tell, and does so beautifully with climactic moments that are imaginative and fluent."

Interested in my music services? Go ahead and talk with me on the contact page. I'll be pleased to answer you within a few hours.