Katriona Music is a full service, number 1 voted music producer and songwriter, offering bespoke music to emerging singers and fashion vloggers. Dedicated to bringing popular and exciting music to emerging singers and fashion vloggers, with industry standard sound and professionalism.

Katriona Music delivers exciting music to a range of emerging music artists, fashion bloggers and ad campaigns. Services include handling the full music creation and development process, and liaising with labels, publishers and media outlets for each piece of music made.

Her songs have been voted to number 1 and number 2 in a musicians community chart, Fiercebark, voted for by musicians, artists, DJ's and music fans from around the world. Katriona landed a coveted music placement producing music for a fashion television and web series called "What To Wear", featuring fashion stylist Wanja Knighton. It was recently renewed for another series and will again feature Katriona Music's music. Katriona (known as Katriona Music) has received credit as music producer, composer and songwriter, as well as assistant mixing engineer of dozens of singles, working with artists in the UK, USA and Australia.

Katriona has supported her music professionalism with extensive experience as a web developer, writer and social media marketer, which gives her music brand a massive push.

Katriona started out working in a music studio to gain experience working with music artists (whilst teaching myself the basics of music production). She started ghost producing and songwriting for major record labels, before plunging into a slew of personal projects. She then showcased her music she produced to one of America's rising stars who had a spot on the Billboard music charts. She also gained inspirational advice from other music stars who have gained commercial success in the UK and abroad, who also achieved a top 10 spot in the UK singles chart. Katriona also gained advice from a respectable mixing engineer friend who has worked as a sound engineer on tours of successful musicians including Prince and Grace Jones.

Katriona was so inspired by these occurrences that she decided to build her own brand with her talent, and get out of the 9-5 rut, wanting more fun, freedom and excitement in her professional life.

Katriona has tripled her songs traffic and plays, with extra 1000 followers and 85% interactions in the first week of release. Katriona managed the promotion for songs she released, which resulted in 80% listenership increase.

Further to this, Katriona transformed her brand image using marketing tactics, web development, graphic design and photography. Results include a 90% increase in new followers and 60% increase in leads, resulting in tripling of her songs traffic and social media traffic.

Some of Katriona's work has given her the opportunity to meet celebrities from the music and acting world in the UK and America (Zendaya, Jacob Latimore, Cover Drive, Vivica Fox, Jude Law, Colin Firth).

Katriona's music consistently ranks number 1 (2015 and 2016) on an independent music platform, Fiercebark.com, voted for by both music fans and musicians alike. Katriona's music has also been top 3 in a BBC DJ's playlist.

She can often be seen working on mixing sessions for the music she has produced in some of London's state of the art music studios such as Sublime and Bonafide.

Some of her latest credits include: Sammy G, Saffire D Soul, Kyra Roxanne, Wanja Kenya, as well as various projects that cannot yet be named.

So if you like making HIT songs, you will enjoy working with Katriona. Currently she works independently, producing music for local and international independent music artists. With so many projects in the works, Katriona Music is sure to be a household name very soon.


Song client

Saffire D'Soul, Singer Songwriter.

"Katriona is a reliable, creative and forward thinking artist/producer. Everything was above and beyond industry standard, from the production mix and master to the vocal engineering. Extremely impressive! From this track alone, I have gained more fans, followers and plays, so as you can imagine, there will be more collaborations in the future!"

Instrumental client

Andrew David, Video Director, Methodworks

"Katriona, I cannot believe how good your music is! I feel like it was meant for the "What To Wear" fashion TV series. It's just perfect! I think the music compliments the whole clip amazingly! I'm really, really pleased!"

Music Consultation Client

JC Cams, Music Artist

"Katriona Music, what you say really helps me a lot with my sales and business skills, which greatly improves my career prospects. Plus I love your energy, it's infectious!"

Song Client

Kyra Roxanne, Singer Songwriter

"Working with Katriona has increased my skill set. Katriona opened me up to different vocal styles I didn't know I was capable of. One of the songs she produced for me, Daydreaming, was voted number 1 in a musicians chart. Another song she produced for me, Seratonin, is still to this day one of my strongest songs."

Instrumental Client

Wanja Knighton,
Fashion Stylist

"Katriona has this brilliant knack of giving you exactly what you need but not thought of. Her composition for What to Wear webisodes simply enhances the fashion story I am trying to tell, and does so beautifully with climactic moments that are imaginative and fluent."

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I'm happy to share with you an example of the comments I regularly receive on my music on Soundcloud, from music fans, to musicians, to music artists.

This has resulted in new music projects for myself, collaboration offers for the artists on my productions and offers to place my music in television and advertisements.

Interested in my music services? Go ahead and talk with me on the contact page. I'll be pleased to answer you within a few hours.