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Written by Katriona Music Photo Credit: Nikki Cynthia

London Hot Spot: Vista Bar, Trafalgar Hotel.

Not surprisingly, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of this bar is the view. It is a very pretty view, with the London Eye clearly visible in the distance, as well as a fairly clear view of the local area and beyond.


The view from Vista bar


The view from Vista bar

On a warm spring day, it is a very pleasant place to unwind.

A drink from Vista bar

The mass greenery in the bar is attractive, giving an unusually strong feel of nature in an area of London that could be described as a concrete jungle.

I was not allowed to bring my hot chocolate drink upstairs from the bar downstairs (because they only allow juices and cocktails in the rooftop bar), so I wasn't able to taste the array of drinks on offer. However, the atmosphere was pleasant and the view is great.

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