Reviews of good music, written by Katriona Music Producer


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Reviews of good music, written by Katriona Music Producer

Katriona Music is a professional pop music producer and songwriter, creating popular music for pop music artists and visual media in the fashion industry. Katriona has proven results in creating popular music. So if you like making HIT pop songs, you will enjoy working with Katriona.

Written by Katriona Music Photo credit: Chicky | Katriona Music

Sample of Katriona Music's reviews

Review 1

Song: "I Love You" By Caiden Brewer

I really like the fast tempo of the song, and the arrangement of the kicks in the percussion. It gives the song a real foot tapping vibe.

The country style sounds that are incorporated in the production sound great, and this country sound is emphasised even more with the whistling vocals.

Lovely song.

Review 2

Song: "Under a Rest" By Breakfast In The Evening

The singer has an interesting way of sounding in the song. He doesn't give much energy in his voice. He actually sounds pretty mellow.

I think that works with the type of production that this is, very minimalistic and with a strong percussion emphasis, especially with the cymbals.

Nice use of the guitar to amp things up a bit, production wise!

Review 3

Song: "Are You In Love" By Isabelle

The singer sounds absolutely great!

Her voice has such a very sweet tonal quality to it, very youthful as well, and that sounds very appealing for a track like this.

The soft guitar melody works very well with the singers soft tone in the song.

This sounds like a nice indie track that would sound good on the radio.

Review 4

Song: "Black Licorice" By Team!Badguy

The production sounds really quirky with such a unique type of sounds used. They sound quite fun and the type of sounds you'd expect to hear in a computer game for example.

I really like the male vocals ...the singer rides the production very well, flowing over the production in a way that keeps the song sounding good throughout.

Great song.

Review 5

Song: "Bach's Robot Dog" By Whacko Mob

Those chanting sounds are well used in the track.

I like how the pitch effect is used on them and on others there is more low end.

This is such a creative track, with lots of creative elements, that it kept me interested the whole way through.

Review 6

Song: "Cup of Truth" By Breeze Whyerd

This track definitely has a very commercial, club song vibe.

The beat itself accentuates this vibe, because it's very bouncy and catchy overall.

The vocals work well over the beat too.

Review 7

Song: "Student Loan Living" By Mixwell

The vocals sound very charming and appealing because they sound like the artist is having a lot of fun with it.

The production incorporates a nice amount of game type sounds which adds to the playful vibe.

Review 8

Song: "Printer Error" By Vofetura

There is a LOT of creativity here in this track, from the use of really high pitched and eccentric sounds, to the use of the game type sounds.

That is a big contrast and I admire your creativity.

Katriona Music

I am Katriona Music, a music producer and songwriter. I also write an "Expert Advice" blog for music artists, fashion vloggers and music supervisors. The aim is to share tips on how to succeed and improve brands using great music. I also write a "Day in the Life of a Music Producer" blog where I write about some of the top places to visit in London UK and worldwide, from a music producers' perspective.

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