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With Katriona Music Producer

Katriona Music is a professional pop music producer and songwriter, creating popular music for pop music artists and visual media in the fashion industry. Katriona has proven results in creating popular music. So if you like making HIT pop songs, you will enjoy reading Katriona's tips on how to #CreatePopularMusic below.

Written by Katriona Music Photo Credit: Sublime Recording Studios

The Music Artists' 5 Step Guide To Creating Popular Music

Vocal melodies are what get stuck in people's heads more than any other element of a song. A popular song needs to have a vocal melody that sticks in people's heads and has them singing along to it.

Why? Because it makes people feel good. This isn't hard to do if you keep at it. Whenever I write a song, I think "Is this catchy enough for people to sing along to?" You have to be brutally honest about your work. Continue Reading...

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