Katriona Music Producer / Composer

Catchy commercial music, made for TV, film and artists.

Here’s a sample of a few instrumentals and songs I’ve produced/composed for both TV/Film and music artists.

All tracks are shown via private link for professional projects and listening sessions.

My primary genres:

MY Showreel - 1

Background (TV & Film) Music

Big sounds, catchy vibes.


Dramedy (TV) Music

Background filler music for sitcoms


Pop Music

Commercial Pop Music (for both music artists and background TV music)


RnB Music

RnB Music (for both music artists and background TV music)

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The services I offer...
MY Services - 1

Music Production

I produce songs and instrumentals in the genres of Commercial Pop, RnB and Hip Hop.

MY Services - 2

Music composition

I compose movie trailer style music and background TV music.

MY Services - 3


I write songs in the genre of Commercial Pop.

My Story

About Me

My Story

I always knew that I wanted to make music that I love to listen to, the type of music I save to my playlist and listen to on repeat.
My music career began when I worked at two music studios in London. I ran and managed the recording studios, which included working as a recording/mixing engineer and music producer. Additionally, I handled the technical aspects of sound during the live studio recordings.

My Story

I then branched out as a freelance music producer and songwriter, finding my own artists and producing/writing music for my first few music releases. The recording and mixing sessions took place in some of London’s state of the art music studios such as Sublime and Bonafide.
The songs were well received in our small community, so Kyra performed a couple of the songs at local music nights.

My Story

I continued to work with lots of other independent music artists and gaining support.
I then landed a music placement producing music for a fashion web series for a video production company. My music was commissioned for a further two series. 
I also created background music for an American TV company which was accepted.

My Story

I’m currently continuing to write, produce and compose music for future projects.
My passion and versatility has led to my development of a hugely beneficial skill for my clients – web/app programming. This puts my clients at a competitive advantage. 

For any inquiries please email